Football Camp

J the camp, Matthews and other former pro players run through non-contact football skills with the boys and girls in attendance. But that’s just part of the experience. Matthews’ four-year NFL career was cut short by a knee injury, and he now uses that experience to emphasize to kids the importance of education.

“The kids interact with these guys,” Mitchell explains. “And then, after it’s over, they have a mentorship moment where now they’re talking about not the importance of sports per se, but more of the reality that you need to get a trade and get education.”

The camp is designed for both moms and youth 8 - 17 to take part.  Taught by former pro athlete, the camps have remained free of charge, so that all who went to attend, can do so.  Our alumni is headed by Super Bowl winner, Eric Matthews, followed by Robert Hicks,  Armegis Spearman, MD Jennings, Muhammad Modeen and more.

There is an autograph session immediately after the camp. During session, football players will sign items brought by campers. If no items were brought, host will have items that can be obtained with a small donation.


Next camp is July 27th, 2024 @ 9 am - Noon at Robins Field in Tupelo, MS.




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