Thank you for your interest in the happenings at the Endzone Club!  We hope that we can count on your support at our upcoming youth events. As a sponsor for this event, you're helping us raise awareness about an issue that is very important to us. Your contribution makes it possible to continue making strides towards our goal of advancing young leaders for daily success. 

 If you'd like to see some of our past events, check out the contents of our website! We hope that one day we can collaborate on something big. Thank you again for your assistance in making this event possible. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you moving forward. 

We are seeking sponsorship opportunities to help with our Youth All Star Weekend Below you will find a list of our sponsorship levels opportunities. Please note that your financial contributions are tax-deductible. The primary source of funding for the The Endzone Club/Eric Matthews Foundation is from corporate sponsors and local individual donors. We hope that you will consider becoming a sponsor supporting, with expectations of reaping countless benefits through the partnership which ultimately impacts our youth and those in need. Our hopes are to have a couple of the local business to provide small sponsorships in the amount of $250 - $500. By doing so, it allows us an opportunity to defray costs associated with hosting 200 kids. In exchange, we are providing all sponsors with free signage on our website, with the option of a live link, signage on camp flyers, promotions videos, and the opportunity of obtaining a signed item from the players.