About Us

Anthony Mitchell Jr

Wingman, Leader, Husband, Father, and Podcaster Anthony Mitchell, is a proud host to many facets of youth activism. From hosting a weekly podcast, known as the Endzone Club, to co - youth pastoring with his wife, Anthony keeps a busy schedule working to engage the youth towards growth and development, with the ambition to launch their potential into full purpose. In his free time, Anthony spends it with his wife Tesha, their family, and an American Bulldog named Coco.

In 1997, Anthony Mitchell embarked on a transformative journey, igniting his passion for creating outreach opportunities for youth. His venture commenced within the local youth ministry, setting the stage for a dynamic odyssey. Over the years, Anthony has collaborated with various organizations, leaving an indelible mark on communities.


From the vibrant streets of Birmingham, where he served as a Youth Pastor, to the heart of Tupelo, Mississippi, Anthony's commitment to youth outreach flourished. His involvement extended beyond church walls, reaching organizations like SkillsUSA, Habitat for Humanity, Big Brother Big Sister, United Way, Phil Theta Kappa, and more.


Anthony's dedication took diverse forms, from hosting impactful back-to-school supply giveaways and career fairs to orchestrating NFL youth football camps, baseball camps, and inspiring youth leadership events. Through these endeavors, Anthony Mitchell's narrative unfolded as a beacon of positive influence, shaping the future for countless young minds.



Tesha Cummings - Mitchell

Tesha is, what we would call, a Pastors Kid. She grew up learning the ropes of service, vision, ministry, and making a difference from day one. Her work as a Youth Pastor started at the age of 16, and has strongly continued since. Through time, Tesha has creatively honed her skills in the arts of dance, theater, song, and story writing, with vlogging and blogging dashed somewhere in between. Also, she weekly edits and produces a Christian TV show called  "A View From the Sky" which can be seen all across North Mississippi, via the CBS affiliate of WCBI.


People often ask her what has most shaped her effervescently positive life outlook that flows through her creativity. To that point, she states, that her most life altering event occurred during college. As she states, "I was in my third year of college when I gave birth to my eldest son. Thoughts and opinions of others changed my outlook of life. I learned to find humor in my worst moments. And because of this I have always had something to talk about . So much so , that friends would just call and say…what’s on your mind today .  And without fail I would have something to say. I would like to take you on a journey of my failures and success." From these experiences, she uses her various platforms to encourage all to take this journey (life) together.