Football Players

Eric Matthews

If you've guessed it, Eric Matthews is the namesake of the annual football camp. Before winning a Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers, Eric was a standout football and track star for Santulucees High School, in the heart of Florida. Though it was track that afforded him a collegiate scholarship with Indiana University, it was football that propelled his athletic path to the professional level.  After a four year NFL career that was cut short by injury, Eric began coaching high school track, while inching towards using his story to encourage kids to get the most out of sports, but most importantly, maintaining scholastic excellence, while having a plan B.


in 2016, Eric and Anthony launched their first joint camp together, which was a meager camp of 25 kids, at Ballard Park in Tupelo, MS. With only six weeks of preparation, the duo were able to assemble an all star team of 4 NFL alumni, a location, marketing, and a solid foundation to build all future camps upon. Below, is a list of current/confirmed coaches that will be assisting with the 2024 camp.

Muhammad Modeen Shamsiddeen- fantastic running back, coach and mentor. Kids are naturally drawn to his high spirit and great energy. Mohammed was a stand out running back for University of Tennessee Chattanooga, before having his name sewn on the back of a Seattle Seahawks jersey in 92. His career took him through Seattle into the CFL, and back with the Buffalo Bills.

Robert Hicks - Buffalo Bills

Robert Hicks - "Fig" may be the biggest man you've ever met in real life. Standing at at solid 6'7", Mr Hicks was born to play the game of football. After starring at Mississippi State, Mr. Hicks took his talents to the frosty region of Buffalo, and provided pass protection for the Bills. After his career ended, the proud father/husband returned to Georgia where he has given back as a teacher, coach, and mentor. 

Armegis Spearman - Cincinnati Bengals/ Texans

Armegis Spearman is another gridiron legend that hails from North Mississippi. Coming from small town, Bruce, MS, Armegis was a hard hitting linebacker, that caught the eyes of Ole Miss' coaching staff. During his collegiate career, he was a consistent letterman, recognized throughout the Southeastern Conference, as being one of the best at his position.

Though he went undrafted in the 2000 draft, there were 21 teams lined up for his services, which ultimately went to the Cincy Bengals. Spearman impressed the Bengals coaching staff with his size, strength, and instincts, working his way up from special teams, into the starting lineup and had an outstanding season, logging 70 tackles. He was selected to the 2000 NFL All-Rookie Team.

MD Jennings - GB Packers/ Chicago Bears

MD Jennings is a local legend, who hails from the Grenada/Calhoun City area, known as the Sweet Potato Capitol of the world. Hard work and unrelenting work ethic were evident in his playing style early on, as he forced himself onto scout radar. After a strong showing at Arkansas State, MD went undrafted, but was given a camp invite by the Green Bay Packers, and the rest is history.


M.D. Jennings became a house hold name during a super controversial play against the Seattle Seahawks in a tightly fought Monday Night Primetime game.  On the final play of the game, Jennings intercepted a  Russell Wilson Hail Mary pass. Seattle wide receiver, Golden Tate, then took the ball out of Jennings' hands, but the officials ruled that both Tate and Jennings had simultaneous possession of the ball. In an incorrect interpretation of the simultaneous possession rule, the touchdown was awarded to Tate by the replacement officials with no time remaining, and Seattle won the game 14-12. The play eventually would be known as the Fail Mary  The public outrage over the controversial ending followed weeks of criticism regarding the quality of officiating by replacement officials employed by the NFL during the 2012 referee lockout.

Past Coaches