• The End Zone Club is a youth empowerment driven outreach organization, headed by Anthony and Tesha Mitchell. Located in the heart of Tupelo, MS, we have been providing multi faceted free events throughout the state for well over 20 years. From Back to School Summer Bashes to teen dance camps, we have successfully provided affordable, high quality outlets designed to galvanize the entire family unit. Furthermore, the End Zone Club has partnered with many other organizations, with similar aims such as the Habitats for Humanity, Big Brother Big Sister, United Way, 4:13, Sky's the Limit Ministries, and many more, to provide areas of impact to those most needed. Most notably, the End Zone club is a mainstay that provides a weekly podcast, which provides youth guidance through engaging conversations wrapped with all facets of achieving life success. To help power these conversations, teens are provided insightful career and life guidance from our host, Anthony Mitchell, as well as all sorts of professional special guests. The vision for the End Zone club is to provide proactive mentorship, family fun, and increased interaction between the youth community that we serve and those who who want to see them reach their full purpose.  By creating opportunities for vision enhancement, encouragement, motivation and helping them to understand that each kid matters, and can play a productive role in the communities they live in, our efforts won't stop until our goals are reached.