Basketball Camps

Spend your Saturday afternoons with us, building growth and development through fun and easy to follow basketball drills. Every Saturday, we are hosting free, basketball clinics (11:00am - 12:30pm) for kids ages 5 - 14. Basketball camps are a fun and unique way for basketball players to enhance their basketball skill set and learn new techniques and strategies. Clinics are catered towards newcomers.  Camps will focus on every aspect of the game. Through camp training, athletes will be given the drive and motivation to improve themselves physically and mentally. They’ll gain the skills and knowledge they need to get the edge on their competition in this competitive sport. Whether an athlete needs to work on group skills or requires more individualized attention for their training, basketball camps are able to improve their game and build them as a basketball player. We are not directly responsible for the camp itself, but we work hand in hand with our church to ensure it's success.


In order to learn a new skill, it’s important to enjoy the way you’re learning it. By attending basketball camps, players learn new skills and techniques in a fun environment. Staff is comprised of some of the area’s best youth development coaches, each screened and vetted to ensure quality basketball credentials coupled with a passion and enthusiasm for teaching the game to young people. Every clinics ends with an inspirational team huddle. Our aim is to impact the kids with development both on and off the court. If your child has a desire to play the game of basketball, but has no one to teach them, then this is the place for them‼️


Pier Cummings

Meet Coach Pier. Pier is a 2022 graduate of Tupelo Christian, where he earned a reputation as a tough defender, passionate teammate, and prolific shooter who never backed down from a challenge. A stickler for details, alot of the skills that were taught to Pier, he now utilizes as the head coach for the weekly Basketball Clinics. Weekly, he focuses drills around individual skills of players, that enhance their fundamental abilities as basketball players.

In his free time, you can read Coach Cummings' football articles in the Ole Miss newspaper, The Daily Mississippian [].

Peyton Cummings

Enter Coach Peyton "P" Cummings. Another graduate of TCPS, "P" is the Swiss army knife of the clan. Developing a hardwood reputation as a relentless baller, who gave full effort equally on both sides of the court, Peyton is the quintessential "point - coach" of the crew. You can find him weekly giving one on one hands on instructions to the kids, through specialized, and focused drill instructions.

This biography section can't be complete without introducing Josh Blackful, aka, Coach "Breezy." J Black is the outgoing figure in the group, often making kids feel welcome and apart of the group. Like ALL of our coaches, he grew up in this same gym that he is now giving back in. Josh specializes in running ball handling, conditioning, and shooting drills. Coach Breezy often works with the smaller kids, patiently teaching them game fundamentals with easy to embrace concepts.

Support Staff